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Online food booking services India

Most of the passengers are worried about foods provided to them on the train. First of all, they are not healthy and do not maintain the hygiene properly. Second, Indian Railways food menu comes with the limited option. So you cannot choose the food according to your preference. Diet determines your health so you cannot compromise on it. is known to be an excellent site where you’ll get various optional URLs. In short, it provides the best online food booking services India. Just visit and order your favourite food online from our partnered URLs. The meals served to you are entirely fresh and delicious. This site is associated with various reputed vendors and restaurants. And they are committed to providing the best services to the valuable passengers. Booking food online is quite a simple process. To book food on train, you have to enter your PNR number and then select your desired station name. Now choose your desired food and make the payment. The order will be delivered to you directly. Various payment modes are given for customer's satisfaction. So you can pay through your credit card, debit card or mobile wallet. These restaurants are specialized in different region's specialties. Along with that, they cover more than 300 cities across the country. So if you are traveling on a train don't miss the chance to order food online on

Do you love to travel via train across the country? If the answer is yes, don't forget to visit before starting your journey. You'll get every information related to the train details, train booking, train arrivals, train departures, train availability, etc. Along with that, most of the time the travellers are concerned about food availability as well as the quality of that food. You don't have to worry at all because refers to excellent sites where you’ll get e-catering service at a reasonable price range. Diet determines your health, So we always provide the freshest and the most exceptional quality food at an affordable rate. That is why people who prefer to book food in train frequently, choose partner stores from all the time because this site is partnerd with various other incredible sites through which you can get your desired information quickly. In short, it is the ultimate travel companion of all passengers.

If you are a frequent traveler, you must have noticed that the primary concern of most of the people is getting quality and delicious food in train. And if you are traveling with kids or elders you cannot compromise with the quality at all. We are associated various professionals and passionate enthusiasts who revolutionalized the whole system of online food booking services. Previously people were tired of getting unhygienic food in train. But now you can order food online as per the convenience and need. These foods will be entirely fresh and hygienic with excellent quality. gives you the plethora of options. Choose your desired URL and book your desired food in train. These mouth-watering dishes are prepared by experienced chefs. So it is guaranteed that if you order once you'll unquestionably order again. Along with that, these excellent meals will be delivered directly to your desired station. So if you want to book food on train, you should try stores referred at once. We can assure you that you'll not be disappointed.

How to book food in train

Well if you like to book food on train using our referral websites you can do it effortlessly. Meramaal is partnerd with partner websites through which you can find your desired result quickly. This process is entirely hassle-free and straightforward. You just have to follow these simple steps.

Enter PNR number - You need to put your unique PNR number to book food online with any partner website. You’ll get the plethora of option from which you can choose your desired URL and order food online accordingly.

Select your desired station name - After entering the PNR number, you'll get a down drop. You need to choose your desired station name where you want to get the food delivered.

Select food - Now you can order food online by selecting your desired menu.

Payment - Last but not the least you can pay according to your preferred mode. This site is entirely secure. Thousands of passengers made payment from this site, and they are very much happy with the services provided to them.

The best e-catering services

Are you worried about online e-catering services? Or do you have any previous bad experience with some other company? We guarantee the best services at an affordable rate. First of all, we don't restrict our customers to a limited menu. So you can belong to any corner of this vast and amazing country India. You'll get your desired food at an affordable price & the best choice for food on train. The prime reason behind that is you’ll get the plethora of option to choose the best URLs of various outstanding restaurants. They focus on the hygiene, quality, taste, texture, and flavor of the food. These reputed food technology-based companies are recognized at the top notch in this industry. We are associated with the world-class restaurants and vendors, and they provide food across 300 cities and more than 5000 running trains. So don't look further if you want to order food online. is available at your service 24/7.

Don’t have an Internet connection? Order food online via Android app is also available in Google app store. So the most exciting thing is you can order food online without an internet connection. Now if you don't have an Android phone, no need to worry at all because you can order it directly by calling the customer care service or by visiting the related websites provided at website. Passenger's satisfaction is our ultimate motto. So we always try to help you in every possible way. Most of the online food stores deliver food without any delay. So if you want to enjoy steaming hot and delicious food on train, you have to book it 30 to 45 minutes before you reach the station. Now let's check out why you choose Take a look.

Why choose us

We maintain the hygiene food partners

Most of the passengers face stomach upset due to unhygienic food served in train. You cannot compromise with your health especially if you are traveling with your family or friends. The served food on train is freshly prepared and packaged hygienically by all means.

Flavour and the taste of our food

If you order food online through the partner sites of, you'll never complain about its taste because these meals are prepared by experienced chefs. They are well acknowledged for maintaining the aroma, taste, and flavor of any food on train.

Quantity and delivery details

If you order food online, it will be delivered to you directly. Your train can be late due to some technical fault or weather. But we always maintain the deadline. The quantity will be dependent on you. You can order according to your preferences.

Quality of food

All the food partner sites always serve superior quality food to our valuable passengers. Till now our partner sites had already provided over 10 million meals to the travellers on time. You'll get here everything from non-vegetarian items to excellent vegetarian items. Our predominant cuisine includes North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai, Awadhi, Hyderabadi, Bengali, Chinese, Jain food, Continental, beverages, Italian, and a lot more.

The specialties of

Meramaal has partnerd with the partner websites. Now let’s check out the specialties of these sites.
• The plethora of Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available.
• The best travel website which provides accurate information regarding trains.
• More than 300 cities are covered for food delivery by this top-class company.
• Partner websites for Fresh food on train with delicious taste.
• Our partners concentrate on different region's specialties such as Peda of Mathura, Ghevar of Jaipur, Fish, and Rice of Bengal, Kesar Petha of Agra, etc. So order food online now.
• An excellent mobile app is designed for passengers who don't have access to the Internet.
• Various payment modes are available such as credit card, net banking, debit card, etc.
• Affordable price range

Online hotel booking services also guides you through online hotel booking. Here you'll get the best available deals on hotel bookings. So you are in a place where you'll get every solution for your next trip. You can make tatkal ticket booking. You can spot your train and get information about live train running status. Along with that you can check your PNR status and reserve the best hotel according to your budget preferences. To book food on train or to know Indian Railway's seat availability you have to enter the PNR number always. Let's check what PNR number is and why it's so important for a traveler.

What is PNR Number?

PNR stands for passenger name record. Railway PNR is a unique number through which you can get so many vital information related to your train journey such as whether your Railway reservation seat availability is confirmed or not. You can also get information about your waiting list status, running status of the train, live train location, Indian Railway seat availability tatkal and a lot more. Your PNR status also holds your coach number and seat number. That is why you need to provide your PNR number if you order food online. With the help of your PNR number, we can locate your coach and seat, and the delivery boy can pass it to the right place.

If you check the Indian Railways food menu, you can see they provide a limited option. Passengers cannot satisfy themselves with this short stock, especially if you are traveling with your family. So if you want to book food on train at an affordable rate, will be the best choice for you. You'll get the plethora of option. Along with that, these delicious foods will be served hot on your seat. The quantity will always depend on you. Apart from that with the help of, you can book your desired hotel online at the throwaway price range. This site is available for everything. If you are traveling via plane then also you can check flight ticket status online through If you are in an unknown place, you don't have to wait for the bus or the taxi because also provides online bus booking services India. In short, you'll get everything related to travel under one roof. You can choose any mode. You can travel via train, bus or flight, will always be there by your side to help and guide you. So, download the Android app of this fantastic website so that you can access it anywhere anytime.