Diesel Locomotive Works Varanasi

Diesel Locomotive Works Varanasi

About Diesel Locomotive Works

Diesel Locomotive Works is simply abbreviated as “DLW” is one of the Indian Railways Production Units established in the year 1961 owned by IR. It manufactures the diesel-electric locomotives along with its spare parts. In India, it is the largest diesel-electric locomotive manufacturer. It is headquartered at Varanasi, India.

DLW Varanasi
Image Source: dlw.indianrailways.gov.in

DLW Varanasi TTC

TTC stands for “Technical Training Centre” is provides the DLW Training in different categories of the following Induction Training for promoted staff, supervisors and freshers, general management, refresher etc. You can also work as DLW Apprentice in the DLW Summer Training locomotive works

DLW Varanasi TTC
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DLW Tender

DLW Tender provides the online railway tenders and offline railway tenders with the help of the government of Railways of India.

DLW, Varanasi
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Diesel Locomotive Works Varanasi Products

DLW, Varanasi (डीएलडब्ल्यू, वाराणसी) has the outputs of power ranging between the horsepower of 2,600 or 1900 Kilowatts. Presently it is producing the locomotives for the railways of India of the following EMD GT46MAC and EMD GT46PAC under the Electric Motive Diesels which is formerly called as GM-EMD license.

The following are the products of Diesel Locomotive Works Varanasi:

  • Firstly, WDP4
  • Secondly, WDP4D
  • Thirdly, WDG5
  • WAP – 7
  • Lastly, WDG4G
Image Source: dlw.indianrailways.gov.in

The ETS (Electric Train Supply) also known as HEP (Head End Power) with the high horsepower of WAP 7 electric locomotives had been started recently by DLW, Varanasi.

DLW, Varanasi Exporting Countries

The following are the countries where DLW, Varanasi supply the locomotives:

  • Firstly, Nepal
  • Secondly, Mali
  • Thirdly, Sudan
  • Angola Country
  • Sri Lanka Country
  • Vietnam Country
  • Bangladesh Country
  • Tanzania Country
  • Lastly, Senegal

Important Details of Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi