Integral Coach Factory Chennai

Integral Coach Factory Chennai

About Integral Coach Factory

Integral Coach Factory Chennai (इंटीग्रल कोच कारखाना) is simply abbreviated as “ICF” is a rail coach’s manufacturer. It is also one of the Production Units of Railways of India. ICF Chennai is owned and also operated by railways of India. It initially manufactures rolling stock for railways Zones of India and also does exporting of ICF Coaches to other countries. In the fiscal year 2017 to 2018, it set a brand new record by producing 2503 coaches and in the fiscal year, 2018 to 2019 is also aiming to produce coaches of 3000.

Indian Railways Production Units
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ICF Chennai History

ICF Chennai has established in the year 1952 and on 02nd Oct of 1955 started its production. The 03rd class shells for Southern Railway Zone are the 01st item to produce.

Southern Railway Zone
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ICF Tenders

ICF Tenders are successfully marketing its new products through the e-procurement system. It invited the Integral Coach Factory Tenders for the following designing, developing, manufacturing, testing and many more

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Integral Coach Factory Chennai Divisions

The following are the divisions of Integral Coach Factory Chennai:

  • Firstly, Shell Division
  • Secondly, Furnishing Division

The above divisions of Integral Coach Factory Chennai can explain briefly in the following:

Integral Coach Factory, Chennai
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Shell Division

Firstly, The Division of Shell manufactures the rail coach skeleton

Furnishing Division

The Division of Furnishing manufactures the coach amenities and interiors

ICF, Chennai Manufacturings

ICF, Chennai manufactures 170 different varieties of coaches and few are the following:

  • 01st and 02nd class coaches
  • EMU (Electric Manufacture Unit)
  • DMW (Diesel Manufacture Unit)
  • MEMU (Mainline Electric Multiple Unit)
  • Pantry & Kitchen Cars

ICF Recruitment

An ICF Recruitment Board recruits the Integral Coach Factory Apprentice Posts under Ministry of Indian Railways Recruiting Board.

ICF Exports

The Integral Coach Factory Chennai exports the rail cars not only in India but also it exports to other countries. The following are the countries exporting the rail cars by the Integral Coach Factory Chennai

  • Firstly, Burma
  • Secondly, Zambia
  • Thirdly, Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria
  • Mozambique
  • Bangladesh
  • Angola
  • Lastly, Sri Lanka

Chennai Rail Museum

The Chennai Rail Museum is the regional rail museum is located in the Integral Coach Factory which has a collection of trains nascent models and models native to the railways in India. It is one of the rail museums of Indian Railways. Through the windmills which are installed by Integral Coach Factory, Chennai will generate the electricity of about 59.1 million units in Tirunelveli district.

Rail Museums of India

Important Details of Integral Coach Factory, Chennai