Kolkata Metro Railway

Kolkata Metro Railway

About Kolkata Metro Railway

The Kolkata Metro Railway is the 01st underground Indian Metro Railway. Metro Railway, Kolkata has become the 17th IR Zone in the year 29th Dec of 2010. The Metro Rail Kolkata has established in the year 24th Oct of 1984 and also started commercial services operations on the same date. Metro Railway Kolkata contains the length of 27.22 Kilometres with the standard gauge and broad gauge of Indian Railways. It is serving the Kolkata Metropolitan Area in the West Bengal State, India. Also, it is the 02nd busiest metro railway system in India.

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Metro Railway, Kolkata Proposed Network Lines

The Metro Railway, Kolkata (मेट्रो रेलवे कोलकाता) has consisted of one operational network line from Noapara to Kavi Subhash Metro currently working. The remaining 05 Network Lines of Metro Railway, Kolkata are under construction.

The following are the Proposed Network Lines of Metro Railway, Kolkata:

  • Firstly, Noapara to Kavi Subhash Metro
  • Secondly, East to West Metro
  • Thirdly, Joka to Esplanade Metro
  • Noapara to Barasat Metro
  • Baranagar to Barrackpore Metro
  • Lastly, Kavi Subhash to Jai Hind Metro
Metro Railway, Kolkata
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Metro Rail Kolkata Tender

The Metro Rail Kolkata Tender consists of the following infrastructure tenders, construction tenders etc and these tenders are acquired by the Kolkata division contractors

Metro Rail Kolkata
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Metro Railway Kolkata Recruitment

Firstly, Metro Railway Kolkata Recruitment Board provides the employment for the unemployed for regular basis and contracts basis.

Metro Railway Kolkata
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Kolkata Metro Railway Departments

The following are the departments of Kolkata Metro Railway:

  • Firstly, the Public Relations Department
  • Secondly, Accounts, Electrical Department
  • Thirdly, Vigilance Department
  • Traffic Department
  • Engineering Department
  • Signal and Telecommunications Department
  • Personnel Department
  • Medical Department
  • Stores Department
मेट्रो रेलवे कोलकाता
Image Source: mtp.indianrailways.gov.in

Important Details of Metro Railway, Kolkata