List of IR Stations Names Starting with “A” alphabet

About Train Stations in India

One of the largest railway network systems is the Indian Railways. So it contains IR Zones in order to manage the huge railway network. And these railway zones are subdivided into IR divisions. Each railway division has consisted of train stations. In this article, you will learn about List of IR Stations names starting with A alphabet

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List of IR Stations names starting with A alphabet

The following are the List of Indian Railway Stations names starting with A alphabet:

IR Railway Station Name

IR Railway Station Code

State of India

Indian Railway Zone

Elevation of the Station

AbadaABBWest BengalSER (South Eastern Railway Zone)7 m
AbhaipurAHABiharER (Eastern Railway Zone)52 m
AbhayapuriAYUAssamNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)45 m
AboharABSPunjabNR (Northern Railway Zone)186 m
Abu RoadABRRajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)260 m
Abutara HaltABWWest BengalNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)36 m
AcharapakkamACKTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)39 m
Acharya Narendra DevACNDUttar PradeshNorthern Railway Zone104 m
AchalganjACHUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)133 m
AchalpurELPMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)388 m
AchhaldaULDUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)147 m
Achhnera JunctionAHUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)170 m
AdarshnagarAHORajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)472 m
Adarshnagar DelhiANDIDelhiNR (Northern Railway Zone)215 m
Adas RoadADDGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)42 m
AdesarAARGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)35 m
Adgaon BuzurgABZMaharashtraSCR (South Central Railway Zone)310 m
AdilabadADBTelanganaSCR (South Central Railway Zone)248 m
AdipurAIGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)35 m
AdityapurADTPJharkhandSER (South Eastern Railway Zone)152 m
AdoniADAndhra PradeshSCR (South Central Railway Zone)421 m
Adra JunctionADRAWest BengalSER (South Eastern Railway Zone)192 m
AduturaiADTTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)24 m
AgartalaAGTLTripuraNFR Northeast Frontier Railway Zone25 m
AgasAGASGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)42 m
AgasodAGDMadhya PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)427 m
AghwanpurAWPUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)211 m
AgomaniAGMNAssamNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)31 m
Agori KhasAGYUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone210 m
Agra CantonmentAGCUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)174 m
Agra CityAGAUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)165 m
Agra FortAFUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)170 m
AhalyapurAHLRUttar PradeshNER (North Eastern Railway Zone)80 m
AhmadgarhAHHPunjabNR (Northern Railway Zone)252 m
AhmednagarANGMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)650 m
Ahmedpur JunctionAMPWest BengalER (Eastern Railway Railway Zone)46 m
AhmedabadADIGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)51 m
Ahraura RoadARWUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)85 m
AiroliAIRLMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)8 m
AishbaghASHUttar PradeshNER (North Eastern Railway Zone)122 m
AitAITUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)154 m
AithalATMOUttarakhandNR (Northern Railway Zone)245 m
AjaibpurAJRUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)206 m
AjantiANIMadhya PradeshWR (Western Railway Zone)338 m
AjarakaAIARajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)280 m
AjgainAJUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)128 m
AjhaiAJHUttar PradeshNFR (North Frontier Railway Zone)184 m
AjitAJITRajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)150 m
Ajmer JunctionAIIRajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)464 m
AjniAJNIMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)310 m
Akalkot RoadAKORMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)457 m
AkaltaraAKTChhattisgarhSECR (South Eastern Central Railway Zone)284 m
AkanapetAKEAndhra PradeshSCR (South Central Railway Zone)566 m
AkbarganjAKJUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)112 m
AkbarpurABPUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)95 m
AkividuAKVDAndhra PradeshSCR (South Central Railway Zone)5 m
AkodiaAKDMadhya PradeshWR (Western Railway Zone)460 m
Akola JunctionAKMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)285 m
AkolnerAKRMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)692 m
AkonaAKWUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)126 m
AkotAKOTMaharashtraSCR (South Central Railway Zone)308 m
AkurdiAKRDMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)585 m
AlamnagarAMGUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)129 m
AlerALERTelanganaSCR (South Central Railway Zone)368 m
AlgapurALGPAssamNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)25 m
AlgawanAIGUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)151 m
Alia BadaALBGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)27 m
Aligarh JunctionALJNUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)191 m
AlipurduarAPDWest BengalNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)49 m
Alipurduar JunctionAPDJWest BengalNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)53 m
Allahabad CityALYUttar PradeshNER (North Eastern Railway Zone)89 m
Allahabad JunctionALDUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)100 m
AlappuzhaALLPKeralaSR (Southern Railway Zone)8 m
AlmattiLMTKarnatakaSWR (South Western Railway Zone)535 m
Alnavar JunctionLWRKarnatakaSWR (South Western Railway Zone)567 m
AlniyaALNIRajasthanWCR (Western Central Railway Zone)333 m
Aluabari RoadAUBWest BengalNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Railway Zone)69 m
AlwarAWRRajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)273 m
AluvaAWYKeralaSR (Southern Railway Zone)15 m
AmalnerANMaharashtraWR (Western Railway Zone)187 m
AmalsadAMLGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)14 m
Aman VadiAMWMaharashtraSCR (South Central Railway Zone)420 m
AmarpuraAPARajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)468 m
AmausiAMSUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)126 m
Amb AndauraAADRHimachal PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)458 m
AmbagaonAGBOdishaECoR (East Coast Railway Zone)549 m
Ambala CantonmentUMBHaryanaNR (Northern Railway Zone)276 m
Ambala CityUBCHaryanaNR (Northern Railway Zone)272 m
AmbalappuzhaAMPAKeralaSR (Southern Railway Zone)7 m
AmbaleABLEMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)729 m
AmbariABXMaharashtraSCR (South Central Railway Zone)329 m
Ambari FalakataABFCWest BengalNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)106 m
AmbarnathABHMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)23 m
AmbassaABSATripuraNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)90 m
AmbasamudramASDTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)81 m
AmbatturABUTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)19.18 m
AmbaturaiABITamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)306 m
AmbiapurAAPUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)140 m
Ambika KalnaABKAWest BengalER (Eastern Railway Zone)14 m
AmbikapurABKPChhattisgarhSECR (South East Central Railway Zone)615 m
AmbikeshwarABEMadhya PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)196 m
AmbivliABYMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)18 m
Ambli RoadABDGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)51 m
AmbliyasanUMNGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)91 m
AmbodalaAMBOdishaECoR (East Coast Railway Zone)373 m
AmburABTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)332 m
AmethiAMEUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)108 m
AmgaonAGNMaharashtraSECR (South East Central Railway Zone)317 m
AmguriAGIAssamNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)104 m
Amla JunctionAMLAMadhya PradeshCR (Central Railway Zone)733 m
AmlaiAALMadhya PradeshSECR (South East Central Railway Zone)494 m
AmlakhurdAMXMadhya PradeshSCR (South Central Railway Zone)323 m
AmliAMLIRajasthanWCR (Western Central Railway Zone)238 m
AmmasandraAMSAKarnatakaSWR (South Western Railway Zone)818 m
AmoniAONIAssamNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)72 m
AmravatiAMIMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)341 m
AmreliAEGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)127 m
Amritsar JunctionASRPunjabNR (Northern Railway Zone)230 m
AmritvelAVLGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)35 m
AmrohaAMROUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)216 m
AnakapalleAKPAndhra PradeshSCR (South Central Railway Zone)32 m
Anand JunctionANNDGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)44 m
Anand NagarANDNUttar PradeshNER (North Eastern Railway Zone)86 m
Anand ViharANVTDelhiNR (Northern Railway Zone)212 m
Anandpur SahibANSBPunjabNR (Northern Railway Zone)297 m
AnandtandavpurANPTamil NaduSR/Southern Railway Zone)10 m
AnantapurATPAndhra PradeshSCR (South Central Railway Zone)348 m
AnapartiAPTAndhra PradeshSCR (South Central Railway Zone)19 m
AnaraANRWest BengalSER (South Eastern Railway Zone)216 m
AnasANASGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)289 m
Andal JunctionUDLWest BengalER (Eastern Railway Zone)85 m
AndheriADHMaharashtraWR (Western/Harbour (CR) Railway Zone)14 m
AngadippuramAAMKeralaSR (Southern Railway Zone)46 m
AngamalyAFKKeralaSR (Southern Railway Zone)17 m
AngarAAGMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)468 m
AngulANGLOdishaECoR (East Coastal Railway Zone119 m
AnipurAPUAssamNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)40 m
AnjangaonANJMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)347 m
AnjaniANOMaharashtraKR (Konkan Railway Zone)27 m
AnjarAJEGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)53 m
Anjhi ShahabadAJIUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)149 m
AnkaiANKMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)622 m
Ankleshwar JunctionAKVGujaratWR (Western Railway Zone)19 m
AnkolaANKLKarnatakaKR (Konkan Railway Zone)19 m
AnnanurANNRTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)24.28 m
AnnavaramANVAndhra PradeshSCR (South Central Railway Zone)28 m
AnnigeriNGRKarnatakaSWR (South Western Railway Zone)635 m
AnparaANPRUttar PradeshECR (East Central Railway Zone)330 m
AntahATHRajasthanWCR (West Central Railway Zone)249 m
AntuANTUUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)101 m
Anugraha Narayan RoadAUBRBiharECR (East Central Railway Zone)104 m
AnupgarhAPHRajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)154 m
Anuppur JunctionAPRMadhya PradeshSECR (South Eastern Central Railway Zone)489 m
AnupshahrAUSUttar PradeshNWR (North Western Railway Zone)205 m
AonlaAOUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)176 m
AraARABiharECR (East Central Railway Zone)63 m
Arabagatta HABGTKarnatakaSCR (South Central Railway Zone)735 m
Arakkonam JunctionAJJTamil NaduSR (Southern railway Railway Zone)92 m
ArakuARKAndhra PradeshECoR (East Coast Railway Zone)925 m
AralvaymozhiAAYTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)78 m
ArariyaARRBiharNFR (North East Frontier Railway Zone)57 m
Arariya CourtARQBiharNFR (North East Frontier Railway Zone)53 m
ArasurARSTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)6 m
Aravalli RoadAVRDMaharashtraKR (Konkan Railway Zone)108 m
ArunachalARCLAssamNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)22 m
AravankaduAVKTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)1888 m
AriyalurALUTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)
ArgoraAORJharkhandSER (South Eastern Railway Zone)642 m
ArjansarASRajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)199 m
ArnethaARERajasthanWCR (Western Central Railway Zone)238 m
Arni RoadARVTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)173 m
Arsikere JunctionASKKarnatakaSWR (South Western Railway Zone)815 m
AruppukottaiAPKTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)102 m
ArviARVIMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)303 m
AryankavuAYVKeralaSR (Southern Railway Zone)274 m
AsafpurAFRUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)186 m
Asalpur JobnerJOBRajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)378 m
AsangaonASOMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)77 m
Asansol JunctionASNWest BengalER (Eastern Railway Zone)114 m
AsaotiASTHaryanaNR (Northern Railway Zone)200 m
Ashok NagarASKNMadhya PradeshWCR (West Central Railway Zone)502 m
Asthal Bohar JunctionABOHaryanaNR (Northern Railway Zone)223 m
AslanaANAMadhya PradeshWCR (West Central Railway Zone)373 m
AslaodaASLMadhya PradeshWR (Western Railway Zone)490 m
AsnotiATKarnatakaKR (Konkan Railway Zone)6 m
AsokharAXKMadhya PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)159 m
AsranadaAASRajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)251 m
AtariATTPunjabNR (Northern Railway Zone)223 m
AtariaAAUttar PradeshNER (North Eastern Railway Zone)138 m
AtarraATEUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)139 m
AteliAELHaryanaNWR (North Western Railway Zone)286 m
AtgaonATGMaharashtraCR (Central Railway Zone)147 m
AthipattuAIPTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)7 m
Athipattu PudhunagarAIPPTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)4 m
AtrampurARPUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)105 m
Atrauli RoadAURUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)190 m
AtruATRURajasthanWCR (West Central Railway Zone)288 m
AttabiraATSOdishaECoR (East Coast Railway Zone)162 m
AttarATRMadhya PradeshWR (Western Railway Zone)273 m
AtturATTRTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)227 m
AujariAJREAssamNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)60 m
AulendaAEDUttar PradeshNCR (North Central Railway Zone)179 m
Aunrihar JunctionARJUttar PradeshNER (North Eastern Railway Zone)79 m
AurangabadAWBMaharashtraSCR (South Central Railway Zone)558 m
AuvaneswaremAVSKeralaSR (Southern Railway Zone)22 m
AuwaAUWARajasthanNWR (North Western Railway Zone)265 m
AvadiAVDTamil NaduSR (Southern Railway Zone)26.85 m
AyodhyaAYUttar PradeshNR (Northern Railway Zone)98 m
AzamgarhAMHUttar PradeshNER (North Eastern Railway Zone)81 m
Azamnagar RoadAZRBiharNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)34 m
AzaraAZAAssamNFR (Northeast Frontier Railway Zone)51 m
Azimganj CityACLEWest BengalER (Eastern Railway Zone)25 m
Azimganj JunctionAZWest BengalER (Eastern Railway Zone)26 m.


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