List of IR Stations Names Starting with “Y” alphabet

List of IR Stations Names Starting with Y alphabet

About Railway Stations in India

In the world, Indian Railways is one of the largest railway network systems. It has divided into Indian Railway Zones and these railway zones are subdivided into Indian Railway divisions. Each IR division consists of railway stations. In this article, you will learn about List of IR Stations names starting with Y alphabet.

List of IR Stations Names Starting with Y alphabet

The following is the List of IR Stations Names Starting with Y alphabet:

Station Name Station Code State Railway Zone
Firstly, Yadalapur YDLP Andhra Pradesh SCR/South Central
Secondly, Yadgir YG Karnataka SCR/South Central
Thirdly, Yadudih YDD Jharkhand ECR/East Coastal
Yadvendranagar YDV Uttar Pradesh NER/North Eastern
Yakutpura YKA Andhra Pradesh SCR/South Central
Yalvigi YLG Karnataka SWR/South Western
Yamuna Bridge JAB Uttar Pradesh NCR/North Central
Yamuna South Bank JSB Uttar Pradesh NCR/North Central
RwsYaqutganj YAG Uttar Pradesh NER/North Eastern
Yataluru YAL Andhra Pradesh SCR/South Central
Yavatmal YTL Maharashtra CR/Central
Yedamangala YDM Karnataka SWR/South Western
Yedapalli YDP Andhra Pradesh SCR/South Central
Yedakumeri YDK Karnataka SWR/South Western
Yedshi YSI Maharashtra CR/Central
Yelahanka Junction YNK Karnataka SWR/South Western
Yelgur YGL Andhra Pradesh SCR/South Central
Yeliyur Y Karnataka SWE/South-Western
Yellakaru YLK Andhra Pradesh SCR/South Central
Yeola YL Maharashtra CR/Central
Yermaras YS Karnataka SCR/South Central
RwslYerpedu YPD Andhra Pradesh SCR/South Central
Yerra Goppa Halt YGA Karnataka SWE/South-Western
Yerraguntla Junction YA Andhra Pradesh SCR/South Central
Yesvantapur Junction YPR Karnataka SWR/South Western
Yeulkhed YAD Maharashtra CR/Central
Yevat YT Maharashtra CR/Central
Yogendra Dham Halt YEAM Uttar Pradesh NER/North Eastern
Lastly, Yusufpur YFP Uttar Pradesh NER/North Eastern


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