List of Monorails in India

List of Monorails in India

What is Monorail?

A Monorail is a system of railways in India in which the railway track comprises of a single rail, usually inflated with the railways hanging from it. The word Monorail System also used to describe the beam system or the vehicles traveling on such a track or beam. It is one of the Types of Trains in India. This article helps you to know the List of Monorails in India.

The Mumbai Monorail the 01st operational Mono Rail system in India had opened in the year 02nd Feb of 2014. The Mumbai Mono Rail used for MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)

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Monorail Systems Background

Just like Trams in India and also Light Rail in India the Monorail Systems had the different phases of planning the background of the following:

  • Firstly, White Background
  • Secondly, Green Background
  • Thirdly, Blue Background
  • Yellow Background
  • Lastly, Pink Background
List of Light Rails in India
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The above Monorail Systems Background can explain briefly in the following:

White Background

Firstly, the White Background of Monorails in India represents that there are in service

Green Background

Secondly, the Green Background of Monorails in India represents that there are in under construction

Blue Background

Thirdly, the Blue Background of Monorails in India represents that there are in the planning

Yellow Background

The Yellow Background of Monorails in India represents that there are proposed but not planned

Pink Background

The Pink Background of Monorails in India represents that there are in defunct

List of Monorails in India

The following are the List of Monorails in India:

System City State Opening Year System Length (km) No of Lines No of Stations Notes
Mumbai Monorail Mumbai Maharashtra State 02 Feb 2014 8.26 1 7
Chennai Monorail Chennai Tamil Nadu 57 3 37 Centre approved Chennai monorail project, to be implemented under DBFOT model
Kolkata Monorail Kolkata West Bengal State 72 2
Allahabad Monorail Allahabad Uttar Pradesh 70.4 2
Bengaluru Monorail Bengaluru Karnataka 60
Delhi Monorail Delhi Delhi 90 6
Indore Monorail Indore Madhya Pradesh State
Kanpur Monorail Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 63 3
Navi Mumbai Monorail Navi Mumbai Maharashtra 36.82 2
Patna Monorail Patna Bihar 32 4
Pune Monorail Pune Maharashtra 52 2
Ahmedabad Monorail Ahmedabad Gujarat State 30 4
Aizawl Monorail Aizawl Mizoram
Bhubaneswar Monorail Bhubaneswar Odisha State
Jodhpur Monorail Jodhpur Rajasthan State
Kota Monorail Kota Rajasthan
Nagpur Monorail Nagpur Maharashtra 50 DPR is being prepared.
Nashik Monorail Nashik Maharashtra 130 DPR is being prepared.
Hyderabad Monorail Hyderabad Telangana 15 Proposed
Tiruchirappalli Monorail Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu State Proposed
Ranchi Monorail Ranchi Jharkhand Proposed
Coimbatore Monorail Coimbatore Tamil Nadu State Proposed
Warangal Monorail Warangal Telangana State Proposed
Chandigarh Monorail Chandigarh Tricity Punjab Proposed
Noida Agra Monorail Noida & Agra Uttar Pradesh State Proposed