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Check Live Train Status :

Check live train status

The live train status is another important factor which you should know how to check quickly. Over 11,000 trains run on a daily basis in India which carries more than 22 million of passengers. So you must know the accurate running time of a train along with trains arrivalsand train departures timings. provides excellent live train status without any mistake. So if you are in a hurry or if you are looking for the seat availabilityreservation status, or train timing, download the app of from the Google store now. You can visit it directly without any Internet connection. So this fantastic travel guide will always be there for you 24/7. After entering the proper requirements, these things will come on your screen. Take a look.
• If you want to track the correct location of your train, you have to enter the proper details of your train. The location or the exact station name will be available on your screen.
• To save your time you need to know that train’s exact time of arrival. You can check that too.
• The train departures timing will also appear.
• If there is any delay on that train’s schedule, you’ll be informed.
• The distance between and the stoppage duration between two stations will be given too.

IRCTC PNR enquiry seat availability tatkal

If you want to take the best the seat during your journey, you need to enter the train name or the five-digit train number, the date of your trip, your preferred class and the starting and ending station names on the boxes which are located at the top of the page. Along with the seat availability of the popular routes, you’ll get the quota details also. It will make your journey more comfortable and hassle-free. You can select the class according to your budget preference. These quotas are divided into five parts, First class AC compartment, Second class AC compartment, Third class AC compartment, Sleeper class and AC chair car. You’ll get the details below about all five. Take a look.
First class AC compartment: Luxury and comfort is the second name of the First class AC compartments. These are backed with sliding doors. If you choose this, you’ll get utmost privacy with various personalized services such as private bathroom, cloth hangers, and water services, etc. So if you are looking for these luxurious facilities on a train, visit Meramaal has affiliated with the partner websites through which you can book your desired compartment easily.
Second class AC compartment: The next one is the Second class AC compartments which are almost similar to the First class AC compartments. It will also provide you excellent privacy with various other useful services.
Third class AC compartment: If you cannot live without AC but traveling on a train just for one night you need to book this compartment. Though these chambers are almost similar to the sleeper class coaches if you have a tight budget this one will be the best option for you. If you are a bookworm, you’ll get reading lights so you can concentrate on your study at night. The booking of these compartments is made very quickly. So if you want to travel on this coach, reserve it as soon as possible.
Sleeper class: Sleeper class is for those who love to interact with people. In this compartment, three berths are provided facing each other. Lots of people travel in this coaches. If you have a tight budget, want to travel a long distance, this one will be an excellent option for you.
AC chair car: The last but not the least AC car chair. If you are traveling just for a few hours, you can try this one. All these coaches can be booked easily from the URLs provided on always thinks about the passengers first. So we have initiated to make the whole process of train enquiry smooth and effortless. So if you are looking for current train status online or train running Status, you are in the right place. With just a single click you’ll get all information regarding live train running status within a fraction of seconds. The primary sources of this report are the official website of the railway website. So you can be completely assured that this information is entirely correct and genuine. Apart from live train running status, you can also check Train fares ,check PNR status onlinetrain enquiry, seat availability and a lot more.

Check train live status at

If you want to check the train live status, at first, you need to visit the site of Next, at the top of the page, you’ll get a search button. There you have to enter the five digit number or the train’s name. Then select the specific date and hit the submit button. All the details will be available in front of your computer screen. So now you can quickly check train running status with You will get the extensive details like the exact location of your train, train arrivals timing, train between stations, seat availability, reservation status, train timings, etc. Along with that, is an exclusive site which runs on laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile as well. So you can check train status, current availability anytime. You don’t have to call the Indian Railways Enquiry Office again and again to know the current train status, or you don’t have to wait in a long queue to speak to the attendee. Visit and your problem will be resolved immediately. Now let’s check out after clicking the submit button what will come on your screen.

• You’ll see the location of that train. The station name will be available there.
• You’ll get the exact time of the arrival of that train.
• You can also check the train departures time.
• If there is any delay, you’ll be informed.
• The distance between two trains and the stoppage duration will also be accessible.

We always update the real time of train arrivals and train departures. In short, you’ll get here perfect train live status without any mistake. So Railways passengers can quickly check train running status and quickly figure out the cheap train fares in You will be amazed to know that in India total 11,000 trains are running on a daily basis and more than 22 million passengers travel on these trains daily. So to ensure a safe and comfortable journey, it is imperative to know the accurate running time of a train. is one of the best sites which provide accurate and reliable information for train enquiry. Lakhs of passengers are visiting this site to know the train live status and to make their trip hassle-free.

Why is live train status essential to know?

Thousands of trains run on a daily basis in India. So if you don’t want to waste your time at the station, you can directly take the live train status update from If the train is late then also passengers have to wait for a longer time which is utterly annoying. So to avoid these situations and to be sure about train timings you can completely trust on

Apart from that, you can also check the live train status when you are traveling. It will help you to understand when you’ll reach the destination. Additionally, you’ll be updated about train arrivals and train departures time and even if the train is running late. So before starting your journey don’t forget to visit

Know live train status with a single SMS

Passengers who do not have internet connection can quickly get live train status through SMS. This facility is available for almost all telecom providers such as Reliance, Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, Aircel, MTNL, Loop, MTS, Telenor, TATA.

How to spot the location of the train through SMS

You can send these below messages to 139.

• Type SPOT (train number) and send it to 139 or
• Type LOCATE (train number) and send it to 139.
Example – SPOT 12345 or LOCATE 12345

How to know train arrivals and train departures timings through SMS

•Type AD (train number) (Station STD code) and send it to 139.

Train live running status

Train live running status is another part of train timetable platform. assists passengers in knowing how long the train is going to take for reaching the boarding station. Through train live running status delay of hours can be traced and people are prevented from wasting time at the station. People also get to know about exclusive train availability along with the seat availability status. Indian Railway always provides special trains at the time of festivals to avoid the rush and facilitate an easy journey. There is also a utility called swap feature which assists a person to have the returning plan along with the departing plan. Just one click on the swap and the source and your destination station will be reserved. You can also check all trains available for returning. We can even mention the particular date of returning for accurate and desired result. The details fetched from train timetable are very useful as it aware us about the latest happenings on the train. All the details like delay and also other vital stuff are shown on the website

Get introduced to legend codes

The online user should also be aware of legend codes which mean terminology and symbols which has a specific meaning. Like the green arrow, ETP, RT, blue dot, ATA, UA and more. The green arrow in downward direction depicts the train position at the station. ETP is expected train arrivals time. RT is the right time. ATA is actual time of arrival UA is update awaited. The legend code can be inferred by searching their meanings. The other essential legend codes can be like “#,” “*.” This former sign depicts short trains that are valid till a particular period. To get information on the time of its authenticity, people have to go originating station. The latter depicts that the particular station is not originating station, people can check online to know originating station. The legend code “+” depicts the trains having a similar number as some other train, people can know about the similar train by clicking on the train name. The legend code “$” depicts the lower berth quota granted to both sleeper and AC coach for women and senior citizen belonging to above 45 age. There is also legend coded for the traveled station, queried station, particular station, etc.

Varities of trains and their facilities

The legend code can be understood within minutes by people. There are varieties of trains for people, and according to their affordability and comfort, a person can choose the train. Local trains, express trains, premium trains, intercity trains, Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duranto and super fast train, are varieties of trains running in our country. The train is furnished with both AC and non-AC or sleeper compartments. AC compartment has higher fare than non-AC. People can compare the price, and plan the most comfortable journey without spending much time. There are also general coaches on the train. You can directly buy the ticket if you want to travel with this coach. The policies and rules of Indian railway are also expressed on the website. Passengers are supposed to read them to have a safe journey. The other offline inquiry available is at station or telephone. One can avail ‘The Rail Sampark Seva’ through telephone by just dialing the number or sending the query at ‘139’. You can inquire to know the PNR status or train running status through message also. Usually, it is faster than the telephone as the telephone is regularly busy and time taking.