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What is PNR Number?

PNR stands for passenger name record. Railway PNR is a unique number through which you can get so many vital information related to your train journey such as whether your Railway reservation seat availability is confirmed or not. You can also get information about your waiting list status, running status of the train, live train location, Indian Railway seat availability tatkal and a lot more. Your PNR status also holds your coach number and seat number.

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Please check out this below order. Indian Railways Ticket reservation status will be provided in this way:

CNF- S4-29 – It means your tickets and the seat numbers are confirmed. In short, you can quickly collect the information of your train ticket status.

RAC 06 – The full form of RAC is Reservation against cancellation. It indicates the high chances of getting confirmed tickets. It also signifies of getting the entire berth or the half berth.

Available 50 – This one confirms that the seats are available.

TQWL 02 – Tatkal Waiting list or waiting list status

WL 08 – The full form of WL is Waiting List. It means that your tickets are not confirmed, but the waiting list status can be changed. It should happen before 3 hours of the arrival of the train at boarding station. You can check the chart for confirmation.

Get instant information about your WL number, Train tickets, and PNR status How to check WL number of PNR status?

To know your train ticket status, you’ll get two numbers on the ticket. The first one will indicate your waiting list position at the time of booking and the second one will provide your current state.

For example, if you try trains ticket booking online you will get the information about your class, seat or berth details along with the date and time of your train after booking a ticket. Besides that, after reservation, if your ticket gives you a status like WL5/WL2 it indicates when you joined the queue your WL position was number 5. But later on, someone canceled the ticket, or someone has not booked the final ticket online. That is why you moved to the 2nd position. The first will always remain the same. However, the 2nd number will start decreasing until you get the final ticket. After dropping the number of your ticket, it can look like WL 5/RAC 3. Here RAC indicates you got the ticket. So you are allowed to board the train. But you have to travel on a seat instead of a berth. Check out this example of your train ticket status

The reservation status could look like:

1. WL 5/WL 2 (When you book the ticket online)

2. WL 5/WL 1

3. WL 5/RAC 3

4. WL 5/RAC 2

5. WL 5/RAC 1

6. WL 5/CNF

WL 5/WL 2 –This one is your waiting list status. It means you cannot board the train.

WL 5/RAC 3 – It indicates the train status. You are allowed to board the train. But you received a seat instead of a berth.

WL 5/CNF – It means your ticket is confirmed now. A berth is also reserved for you.

Know your refund status

The price of your WL ticket will be transferred to your bank account automatically if it fulfills these two situations

• If the reservation chart of your train is finalized

• If the train is ready for departure

NOTE: If the RAC status changes at the last minute or on the very last day you’ll not get the refund because the RAC is identified as a boarding ticket. Know more about PNR status online

The full form of PNR is ‘Passenger Name Record.’ Indian Railways computer reservation system or IR-CRS always maintain a proper record in their database. In this particular database, they save the record of all passengers’ journey details. PNR status for train is exceptionally vital. After booking the ticket, you receive a unique ten digit number. This one is known as PNR number. So you can book a ticket online, or you can directly buy it from the railway counter. In both the cases, this PNR number is available.

PNR status Indian railway is so crucial because all the information of passengers which are saved in the relational database of the centralized reservation system is associated with this ten digit number. This unique reference number is also printed on your ticket and known as PNR number.

These personal details include the passenger’s name, gender, age, etc. Along with that, it also provides the current status of the ticket as well as the booking status of the ticket.

The availability of the seats in a train is limited. So people sometimes do not get the confirmed reserved ticket. So they keep checking the waiting list status as it can be changed anytime. The PNR status confirms your current reservation status. PNR number check on your ticket PNR prediction is quite easy. The PNR number will be found at the top left corner of your ticket. The ticket should be printed or should be taken from the railway’s station booking counter. If you purchase the ticket online, you’ll find the PNR number at the top of your ticket in a separate cell. PNR status check for railway

PNR status checking can be done in various ways. Check out the options below.

• You can do PNR status check through reliable online website
• You can check PNR status by SMS
• Various Mobile applications will also help you to check PNR status for train
• You can directly go to Railway inquiry counter to check it
• The final reservation chart will show you the PNR status too

How to check PNR status online through a reliable website?

Meramaal PNR Services
The is the most reliable website which can provide accurate and dependable information about your PNR status online. Apart from the meramaal PNR services, other useful information is available on this unofficial site. For example, you can check train between stations, cheap train fares, train running status, tatkal ticket booking and a lot more.

The full form of IRCTC is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. This site is the official partner of Indian Railways. They are appointed to help and manage online ticket booking. To check your PNR status at first, you need to log in to this site. Then you have to click on ‘Booked Ticket History.’ After selecting your E-Ticket, you need to click on ‘Get PNR Status, ‘ and your work will be done. 

If you want to know the PNR status online, you can also visit the official site of Indian Railways. This site is maintained by Centre for Railway Information Systems or CRIS.

How you can quickly check your reservation status through SMS

Various passengers are there who do not have internet access. Indian railway has launched quick SMS service to help those passengers. Check out these following steps to get information about your PNR status through SMS. Send SMS to 139 This SMS service was launched by IRCTC. To know your PNR status, you have to type PNR and send it to 139. For example, you can type PNR 1234567890.

This service is available on Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, LOOP, iDEA, MTNL, Reliance, MTS, TATA, Vodafone, and Telenor. Send SMS to 5676747

This one is another quick SMS service which is maintained by rail zone. To get the PNR status, you have to send PNR to 5676747. Example – PNR 1234567890 Apart from that, if you have already reached the station, you can go to railway inquiry counter for PNR enquiry. The attendee will help you to know your PNR number status.

When can passengers check the final reservation chart?

Just before two to three hours of the train departures the final reservation chart is posted on the notice board of the railway station. Indian railways ticket details You’ll see two types of Indian railways tickets

• Electronic Ticket Electronic Ticket is also known as E-Ticket. You can book these tickets online through the website of IRCTC. Next, you have to show the print out of that ticket to the TTE along with your valid passenger ID.

• i-TicketIf you don’t want to take online train ticket booking services, you can directly visit the railway reservation counter to buy tickets. These tickets are known as i-Ticket. You can also book it from the website of IRCTC. You’ll receive it by courier at your doorstep.

Different types of train details and Indian railways PNR generation

Indian railway has reached a new dimension with the help of new technologies. The first time the railway service started in India in 1853. It was started between Mumbai and Thane which were the Western Coastal of Maharashtra districts. Today Indian railway is categorized as local passenger trains and daily express. Here you’ll get the full details of the number of halts on their route and the average speed of them. Take a look

Rajdhani Express: Rajdhani Express, a fully air-conditioned train is in the top of the priority list because it connects all the major cities of India. You’ll find very few stoppages in their route and always run at scheduled time. If you want to check the PNR status of this train, you can visit

Garib Rath: The price of the ticket of Garib Rath is relatively low than other AC trains. It holds AC 3 tier coaches. The PNR status is secure available at

Duranto Express: This one is launched recently. Duranto Express does not stop at any station in between, so it’s also known as the source to destination train.

Shatabdi Express and Janshatabdi Express: These trains are also high-speed trains which only contain seats and not any sleeper coaches. Shatabdi Express is fully air-conditioned while Janshatabdi comes with both non-AC and AC coaches.

Metro Trains: Metro Trains are in demand because of its various facilities and latest technologies. These trains are only available in three metro cities of India such as Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi. Very soon the government is going to launch these trains in other metro cities as well. You cannot book the seats in these trains, so PNR number is not generated. These trains run at moderate speed in their scheduled time.

Passenger Trains: Passenger trains are categorized into two parts, slow trains, and Fast trains. Slow trains stop on every station, and it connects the small distanced cities. You cannot reserve tickets, so PNR number is also not available.

Suburban Locals: Suburban Locals are available in few big metro cities of India like Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai. Again the ticket reservation system is not possible, so unique PNR number status is also not available.

Express & Super-fast Express: These long distance faster trains come with ticket reservation system. So if you want to check the PNR status, don’t forget to visit Meramaal PNR

Waiting list status and the types of WL tickets

Waiting list status is divided into two categories.

General Waiting List or GNWL: If a passenger starts his or her journey from the closest station of the train source station and ends trip to the nearest station of the train destination station he or she can get a GNWL quota.

Tatkal Waiting List or CKWL: After confirming the GNWL quote they confirm the CKWL quota or unreserved tickets.
Apart from that, Indian railways confirmed many other WL tickets such as Request Waiting List or R WL, Remote Location Waiting List OR RL WL, Remote Location General Waiting List RL GN, Pooled Quota Waiting List PQ WL and Roadside Station Waiting List RS WL. These tickets have less chance of confirmation.

Spot your train on

If you want to track the location of your train, you just have to visit At the top of the page, you’ll see some boxes. There you need to enter the name of the train or the train number. Along with that, you need to put your journey date, station names which include both starting location and the destination station name and the train type. Apart from that, if you hold the hands of, you’ll get instant information about train cancellation. This website is designed for passenger’s comfortability. So you don’t have to be always online on your PC or laptop. You can just use it on your Smartphone. Go to Google store and download app get updated about trains all the time.

IRCTC or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation provides all information regarding train delays and train status. To get the proper information, at first, you need to log in to Then you have to enter train from to, and all the information will appear on your screen. Next, you need to click on a particular train, and immediately they will show you the location of that train along with the distance from the previous spot to the next station. Similar wise you can visit to get instant information about IRCTC train status, IRCTC PNR status, IRCTC paytm cashback, IRCTC seat availability, live train location, live train running status and a lot more.

Train traveling Class division

The first class AC incorporates all kinds of luxurious facilities like private bathroom, water supplies, etc. The topmost priority is the complete privacy of the passenger. The second class AC also focuses on the privacy of the passenger with Air Conditioned facility. The third class AC is almost like a Sleeper coast. But it comes with the air-conditioned facility, reading lights, etc. The next one is the Sleeper class which is always full of passengers. So if you like to interact with people, you can choose this one. And last but not the least the AC chair car. You can select this option if you are traveling for a shorter period. always focuses on passenger’s safety and comfort. That is why this leading website comes with the variety of information like live train location, IRCTC seat availability, IRCTC PNR status check, online flight booking services India, meramaal train details online, and a lot more. So if you are planning a trip with your near and dear ones, will be the best travel companion for you.

Indian Railways important Full forms

PNR – Passenger Name Record, R A C – Reservation against Cancellation, 3 A – A C 3 Tier, 2 S – Second Sitting
2 A – A C 2-Tier Sleeper, G N – General Quota, C K – Tatkal Quota, L D – Ladies Quota, W L – Waiting List
S L – Sleeper Class, 3 E – A C 3 Tier Economy, F C – First Class, 1 A – First Class A C, D F – Defence Quota
S S – Senior Citizen Quota or Travelling Alone Female Quota (above 45 Year) ,H P – Physically Handicapped Quota

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