Rail Wheel Factory Yelahanka

Rail Wheel Factory Yelahanka

About RWF

RWF stands for “ Rail Wheel Factory ” (रेल व्हील फैक्टरी) is a manufacturing unit of wheels, axles, railroad wagons wheelsets, locomotives, and coaches. It is also known as “Wheel and Axle Plant” which is located at Yelahanka of Bangalore City in Karnataka. Rail Wheel Factory Yelahanka has established by CK Jaffer Sharief in the year 1984. It is also one of the Railways of India Production Units. For Business Processes, it has certified units of the following ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 and it was the first to receive accreditation of ISO 9001:2008 of railways of India 

RWF Yelahanka
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Rail Wheel Factory Yelahanka Vision and Mission

The following are the Vision and Mission of Rail Wheel Factory (रेल व्हील फैक्टरी), Yelahanka:

RWF Yelahanka Vision

In order to become a famous global leader in the developing business and Railways of India manufacturing of the following Precision Forged Axles, spotless assembled wheelsets, and Cast Steel Rail Road Wheels

Indian Railways Production Units
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Rail Wheel Factory Bangalore Mission

The following are the missions of Rail Wheel Factory Bangalore (रेल व्हील फैक्टरी):

  • In order to develop capital of human by enhancing constantly of the following managerial, innovative capabilities and technical
  • In order to promote practices of business ethics and values in the corporate governance true spirit

Wheel and Axle Plant Manufacturing Unit Organization Chart

Rail Wheel Factory Bangalore
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Rail Wheel Factory Tender

The Thermal Sand Reclamation Plant of design, manufacture, and supply, Wheel Casting process on wheel shop and many more for the following departments of Mechanical, Accounts, Personnel, Electrical, Rajbhasha, Civil Engineering, Medical and many more are released by Rail Wheel Factory Tender

Rail Wheel Factory, Yelahanka
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RWF Yelahanka Manufacturing

The following are the manufacturing details of Rail Wheel Factory, Yelahanka:

  • In the wheels manufacturing Rail Wheel Factory Yelahanka uses the technology of Cast Steel which uses the scrap steel as a raw material collected from own workshops of railways in India
  • For human errors, the following prodcts of axles, wheels, and wheel sets engineered with the scrap of the little amount
  • About different sizes of wheels of 70,000, axles of 23,000 wheelsets of 23,000 are has a planned capacity
  • Rail Wheel Factory Yelahanka will do the annual turnover of around 82 crores and employes 2000 personnel
RWF, Yelahanka
Image Source: rwf.indianrailways.gov.in

Important Details of Wheel and Axle Plant