Railway Claims Tribunal Website

Railway Claims Tribunal Website

About RCT Website

RCT Website stands for “ Railway Claims Tribunal Website ” (रेल दावा एवं धन वापसी) is the portal to determine claims against an administration of a railway for the following destruction, deterioration, loss, damage etc under the RCT Act. It is developed and maintained by CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems)

Centre for Railway Information Systems
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RCT Services

The following are the services of Railway Claims Tribunal Website (रेल दावा एवं धन वापसी):

  • Case under objection
  • Case search
  • Case status
  • Judgment
IRCTC Status Enquiry
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Railway Claims Tribunal Website Benches

The following are the few benches of Railway Claims Tribunal Website:

  • Ahmedabad RCT Bench
  • Bengaluru RCT Bench
  • Bhubaneswar RCT Bench
  • Bhopal RCT Bench
  • Calcutta RCT Bench
  • Chandigarh RCT Bench
  • Chennai RCT Bench
  • Ernakulam RCT Bench
  • Gorakhpur RCT Bench
  • Guwahati RCT Bench
  • Ghaziabad RCT Bench
  • Jaipur RCT Bench
  • Lucknow RCT Bench
  • Mumbai RCT Bench
  • Patna RCT Bench
  • Nagpur RCT Bench
  • Ranchi RCT Bench
  • Secunderabad RCT Bench

How to check IRCTC Refund Status using RCT Website?

You can do IRCTC Status Enquiry using the Railway Claims Tribunal Website by following the simple steps given below:

  • Firstly visit Railway Claims Tribunal Website http://www.claims.indianrail.gov.in
  • Secondly, click on “Railway Refund-Coaching User”
RCT Website
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  • Thirdly you will be redirected to the Railway Coaching Refund Website
  • Then click on “Check Refund Status” which is located on the right side of the home page
Railway Board Claims website
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  • Thirdly you will observe the 02 types for the Refund status IRCTC enquiry
  • Firstly you can check IRCTC ticket cancellation refund status through PNR details
  • Enter the PNR details of the following PNR Number and Journey date
check IRCTC Refund Status
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  • Secondly, you can check IRCTC ticket cancellation refund status through refund details
  • Enter the refund details of the following Refund registration number and reopen count
  • Then click on “Status”

TDR Rules

TDR stands for “Ticket Deposit Receipt” is the refund should be submitted to the customer in case of the cancellation of his journey. Before they get the refund there are some TDR Rules which should be followed

The following are the Ticket Deposit Receipt Rules:

  • The Ticket Deposit Receipt refund will process as per present railway rules
  • Before or 01 hr train departure the Ticket Deposit Receipt should fill
  • At least 60 days+ the process of the refund will take place
  • The E-Ticket refund request (After the preparation of the chart) can fill online.