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Train Time table

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Here, all IRCTC train schedules can be checked in detail.

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Train routes in India

Currently there are about 14 thousand trains in India running every day. Most of the people prefer express trains while travelling long distance. Here, the lists of those express trains are provided here.
The railway is the most preferred way of transportation in India. We have an extensive network of railways reaching to every corner of our country. The railway is much passionate as it regulates usual ebb and flow. Indian Railway tries to provide the best services with the comfortable and pleasant journey. To make a promising trip, we should plan the trip for ease. It is very crucial to know more about railways so that we can make our travel safe and secure. The imperative and utmost necessity is to understand the procedure of travelling as well as features provided to plan the vacation with ease. The traditional method to know the train timetable is the yearly book published by Railways and also the station platform, but the people have to be aware of changes that are going on in railways as the timetable book may get wrong due to no updated information. Nowadays from knowing train timetable to booking berth is done within minutes in a most convenient mode which is known as the online mode. The digitalization has empowered us to make the optimal use of technology.
To get information regarding train details, is the best website. The Indian Railway website is frequently used by people because of its user-friendliness. Indian Railways furnishes two websites. Apart from that, is one of the best online sites where you’ll get all information regarding train details. The website of Indian Railways is which bestows all the necessary information. Apart from that if you can rely on any site to get accurate information about online PNR status check, train between stations, train availability to ticket booking or train timetable, you should visit The critical issues associated with travelling through train is knowing train timetable, arrival time, departure time, overall route, ticket booking, and searching the most suitable train according to one’s interest. We can book tickets online, know PNR status of our berth, the train current running status sitting inside the home. All these are utilities provided on the websites both IRCTC and

How to know the train schedule online?

To check the timing of the train, all we have to do is log in to the IRCTC website or click on the utility, and by providing train name or number, the train details will display on the screen. The schedule includes both train arrivals time and train departures time from your concerned station. To get PNR status, we have to provide the PNR number. Within a few minutes, the PNR status will be updated on screen. The full form of PNR is Passenger on record. It is the unique number given to the passenger for booking the berth. PNR alert can also be subscribed to know the status time to time. In case if you are planning a vacation with your friends and family just enter your boarding point and your destination or the target station and know all the available trains on that route or the train running status. To book the online ticket, you have to log in to IRCTC website. If you are booking it for the first time, then you have to sign up and proceed with the given utilities. The ticket will be scheduled within minutes.

When passengers have to pay penalty charges?

The modification of boarding can be done before 24 hours of travel and only one time. In a case of ticket seizing, you cannot change the boarding point. This option is not at all applied to persons who have PNRs with VIKALP and one who has i-ticket. It means the person having a paper ticket or waiting ticket will not get this benefit. But if the modification changes the boarding station to next station, then you’ll lose your rights to board from the previous boarding status. A Person, will be charged penalty if he or she has found boarding on the former station i.e., the penalty charges for travelling to the modified boarding station from the boarding station.

Tatkal ticket booking

In case of the natural bad climatic condition ad striking stuff, the train cancellation details are not updated too quickly, but one can prefer website and platform as it bestows the latest and genuine information. By just one click see the seat availability of the train. You can even book the online ticket by paying online. People can get online tatkal ticket booking too without any hassle. The tatkal ticket is booked when there is an immediate plan for travelling. It is scheduled one day before the departing of the train. Therefore, it is tough to book the tatkal ticket on the platform. The online ticket can also be cancelled online. On-line mode is very convenient as there can be the comparison between the train fares and you can also avail the discount offers provided on the website. Cheap train fares with most comfort ability are always the choice of people. The train fares are even less expensive than other modes of transportation. People can compare the prices of different trains available for their destination and also rates of separate compartments of one train.

Train Timetable & platform details

Visiting platform, you will know the timetables of trains in a best way. Here you can access all the details effortlessly. It’s a straightforward process. You just have to enter the train name or the train number and hit submit button. All the details will be available in front of your computer screen. Along with the train schedule, you can also search live train status, railway reservation seat availabilityrunning train status, or if a train is delayed, etc. Along with that, if you have made the advanced booking, you need to remember that the schedule of that train can be changed anytime. Here is your best travel companion, so always keep in touch.