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If you are worried about the timings of the trains and looking for proper information regarding trains between two stations visit now. Within just a few minutes all the information will appear in front of you. Apart from that timings and details of the trains between stations, you can also take the information about railway reservation seat availability, train live status, train arrivals, train departures, etc. from this excellent website. You can also check this useful information from the official sites of Indian Railways or IRCTC. Though this site is not affiliated with the official sites of Indian Railways, all data provided are entirely correct and genuine. So plan your trip smartly with Now let’s look at the process of knowing the trains between stations.
sss • First of all, you need to enter the names of your starting station and your destination station.
• Second, you have to select the proper name and code of those stations from the Dropbox.
• Next, enter the date of your journey.
• Now press Submit, and your work is done. The whole information will be available in front of your computer screen.
Indian railways started in 1853 from Mumbai to Thane. Now it has become one of the biggest railways networks in the world. The trains of the Indian railway are categorized according to their speed and the halts between the destinations. Various types of trains are run by Indian railway for passenger’s satisfaction. Some are AC, and some are non-AC. Some of them stop at every station; some don’t stop at all and reach the destination with high speed. These trains are known as Mail Express trains, Duronto, Rajdhani, passenger trains, Shatabdi, etc. Apart from that, local trains are also available in almost all Metropolitan cities. Mumbai local is the most popular among them because it is the earliest mode of transportation of the famous town Mumbai. is the most reliable website after IRCTC which provides accurate information about online train status, PNR status, seat availability, railway reservation seat availability, train between stations and a lot more. Primarily two types of trains are available in Indian Railways, unreserved trains, and reserved trains. If you visit, you’ll get all the information regarding train arrivals and train departures. In short, here you’ll get all information regarding train details. These data are entirely accurate and reliable because they are sourced from the official websites of, IRCTC website, and Additionally, if you are looking for latest updated train timetable at an emergency situation, you should visit Here you’ll get the most recent and user-friendly train information such as train details, train PNR, train platform details, train ticket status, train timetable, waiting list status, trains from to services, trains ticket booking, etc. is the best companion for all the train passengers. provides all the information regarding trains between stations
If you are looking for proper information regarding trains between two stations in a fraction of seconds you have to visit Here you’ll also get the details of what are the trains running between two stations and what will be the timings of them. Along with that, you’ll even get the updates of seat availability, railway reservation seat availability, and a lot more. You just have to visit, or you can download the exclusive app of from the Google store. Then you’ll be free from taking tension about the train timings, reservation status, etc. Passengers go through with the IRCTC train book at the hit of the moment to know the running schedules, but sometimes they don’t understand the complicated process. That is why has come up with accurate train details, trains running between two stations with train live status. All these information are taken from IRCTC, so it’s utterly reliable and trustworthy. In short, plan your trip smartly with your travel companion How to check train between stations You need to follow these simple steps to find out the train between stations.

• In the search box, you have to enter the names of your two stations
• After entering the names, a Dropbox will come. From that Dropbox, you have to select the proper name. The code of the stations will also be available there.
• Next, enter the date.
• Now you just have to click on the submit button, and all the details will be available in front of your screen.
Why you choose • also gives you the option to decide the journey date, the particular train you want to travel and the class you want to pick.
• You’ll get all the details of the name of the train between stations including their numbers.
• The tatkal seat availability details are also available.
• Train arrivals and train departures timings are given here along with the Scheduled Time.
• You’ll also find the weekly schedule of the days of running
• You can book the ticket according to your preferences such as AC, sleeper, and a lot more options are available.
• After selecting the train, you’ll also get the full information about its complete route, the timings, and the live train status.
The prime aim of us is to make your journey smooth and safe. That is why we try to provide all possible information related to trains. Choose the best train for your journey The most indisputable fact about the Indians is we love to travel via train. Train travel is safe, fast and affordable. But the choice of the best train is always crucial for your journey. Thousands of trains are available which run between two stations. It can make you confused which one will be the best choice. People go for comprehensible railway inquiry system, but that doesn’t work always. So it’s better to take an idea before starting your journey. It will make your trip safe, and you can be relaxed. So if you are planning to go on a trip with your friends or family, you have come to the right place. Today will make you understand the IRCTC schedule as well as the Indian Railway system so that you can choose the best one according to your preferences. The Indian government has added many different trains over the years to intensify the passenger’s comfort. So if you are enquiring about the trains between stations, you should be aware of these trains.

Rajdhani: This fully air-conditioned train is on the highest train between stations priority list. This express train is connecting the major cities in India.
Duronto: The next one is Duronto which is connecting the metropolitan cities as well as the significant state capitals of India.
Intercity: These trains complete a round in a day. They are connecting two major cities. Only second sitters and chair cars are available, so no unique PNR number generation is possible here.
Garib Rath: Garib Rath is another air-conditioned train which comes with various facilities. And the most fantastic thing is it is highly affordable.
Shatabdi: Satabdi is another AC train which is highly beneficial for business or tourism. It is connecting the metropolitan cities of India.

Now here are some other important factors you should know before starting your journey
Duration of the tour: Before starting your trip you should be aware of the length of that trip. The timings of the trains between stations may vary. So make sure you know all the train availability as well as the train timetable.

Train arrivals: If your schedule is already prepared, make sure you reach the station on time. You can check the train arrivals and train departure timings at You should always take some extra time in your hand to start a safe journey.

Halts: Train availability is another important factor you should consider before string your trip. Some trains do not stop at any station. These trains are known as express trains. On the other hand, you’ll get few trains which stop at every station. So you have to choose the train according to your destination preference. You can check the train schedule between two stations at

Cost of the ticket: Before ticket booking, always check the price of that ticket. The best way to compare the price of all tickets is visiting because here you’ll get the accurate information taken from the official site of IRCTC.

In India, thousands of trains between stations run and cross the country on a daily basis. So after choosing your desired destination, you’ll get a lot of trains which reach that place fast and on time. So to pick the best train and to enjoy a hassle-free train journey you need to do a proper planning., your ultimate travel guide provides all the information regarding train details. You’ll get an appropriate list of trains which is based on the IRCTC train schedule. It will help you to choose the best train which is headed to your desired destination. comes with a simplified station list. Along with that, you will get the train name, the PNR number, the starting point and the destination name. So you don’t have to wait in a long queue at railway inquiry counter to check the trains between stations. It is the most effortless way to find your desired train details.

Just click on the train name you can access all details like the starting point of that train, train timing, the stations it passes in between, halts, distance cover and a lot more.

If you click on the name of the city, you’ll get a train list, the days they operate and also their starting point. So with finding trains between stations is extremely easy and effortless now. So without wasting time in long queues, you can just visit this excellent site to get information in a fraction of seconds.

The famous train routes not only include the most prominent cities in India but also incorporate the small towns as well. These directions and trains between stations will be available in front of your screen so before going on a trip, don’t forget to visit You just need to pack your bags and leave the rest to us.