Types of Trains in India

Types of Trains in India

About the Types of Trains of India

In India, the IR (Indian Railways) is of the oldest and respectable travel circuits because the services of railways in India make people travel the long distance from across the country to reach their needs. There are different Types of Trains in India.

Different Types of Trains in India

The following are the different Types of Trains in India:

  • The Toy Trains
  • The Bullet Trains
  • Passenger Trains
  • The Semi High-Speed Trains
  • The Super Fast Trains
  • Goods Carrier Trains
  • The Trams
  • The Monorails
  • Suburban Railways

The above Different Types of Trains in India can explain briefly in the following:

Toy Trains

The name Toy Train means “It brings back joy rides childhood memories”. These types of trains in India travel through Indian rail lines through ancient sites.

Toy Trains
Image Source: darjeeling-tourism.com

The following are the names of Toy Trains:

Bullet Trains

The name itself says that these Bullet Trains are a Superfast train that operates in India. They offer their railway services in the commercial cities of the following Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Mysore.

Bullet Trains
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Passenger Trains

Passenger Trains serve the transportation services for the people who travel from one city to another city by train.

The following are the different types of Passenger Trains:

  • Local Trains
  • Suburban Trains
  • Metro Rails
  • Express Trains
Passenger Trains
Image Source: india.com

The above different types of Passenger Trains can explain briefly in the following:

Local Trains

Within the Indian States, there are many local districts. So in order to connect the local districts the local trains are available. One can purchase the ticket in the station before the arrival of the local train and can use the rail services by traveling from one city to another city or within the city or district

Mumbai Local Trains
Image Source: thenewsminute.com

Suburban Trains

The railways in India had developed the Suburban railways in order to spread fast transportation in Suburbs and to travel from one city to other cities.

The following are the Suburban Railways in India:

Suburban Train in India
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Metro Rails

The Metro Rails are developed in the busiest areas of smart cities or developing cities. The Kolkata Metro and Delhi Metro are the 01st metro rails was introduced in India.

The following are the Metro Rail Cities in India:

List of Cities with Metro Rail in India
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Express Trains

The Express Trains are Interstate trains and Intercity trains which can reach the destination almost halftime of the ordinary trains. They can reach the destination by avoiding few stops but stops at major places.

The following are the few Express Trains in India:

Rajdhani Express Route
Image Source: thehansindia.com

Semi High-Speed Trains

The Gatimaan Express is the Semi High-Speed Train which had proposed to reduce the traveling time of about 105 minutes from Delhi to Agra. India’s 01st Semi High-Speed Train was run at a distance speed of 160 Kilometers per hour from Delhi to Agra.

Gatimaan Express

Luxury Trains

The Luxury Trains are the special trains that meant for expensive holiday tours. They ensure the best ambiance that resembles the ancient time kings. The interior designs are sculptured like palaces and menu includes the delicious food. These trains make the dream true about “Live Like a King”

The following are the Luxury Trains in India:

List of Luxury Trains in India
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Super Fast Trains

The Super Fast Trains makes you feel like flying away. They run at a speed distance of about 70 Kilometres to 90 Kilometres per hour.

Goods Carrier Trains

The Goods Carrier Trains will transport the goods of the following vegetables, coal, fish and many more. These are usually run for long distance rails like interstate travel. In ancient days the Goods Carrier Trains are used by the people who travel from one place to another place in order to transport the following of their vehicles, household items of furniture and many more.

Goods Carrier Trains
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Trams are the electrical trains operating the following streetcars, trolleys and many more which travel all over and also along with the roadways. These trams are date back to the period of Britishers at the period of Independence of India. The Kolkata Tram is the only tram operating in the country.

Tram in Kolkata
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Monorails are the latest transport types which are operating in the developed areas of India. The Mumbai Monorail, Pune Monorail, and Chennai Monorail are the 02 monorails are operating in the country.

Monorail in Mumbai
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